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why criminals love it so

Wholesale Designer Clothing Available Online

The concept of wholesale buying isn’t new. The leverage obtained from wholesale buying or “economies of scale” was first documented two thousand years ago. This concept has universal applicability. In this article, we shall discuss the illustration of its use in the procurement of clothes. Garment units manufacture clothes and supply to sales distributors. These distributors in turn supply to wholesalers. The wholesalers then supply clothes to a retail store from where the end customer buys it. At every step of this chain, a significant cost of transaction is added to the cost of manufacture. The end result is that the customer has to pay more so that these transaction agents get their commission.replica Hermes Birkin
In the past, producers of goods saw smaller profits than wholesalers, suppliers and distributors. With those others taken out of the loop, a manufacturer can be sure that more money goes into his pockets. It’s a better deal for both manufacturer and consumer. Since these chains procure in very large quantities, they are able to pass on the accrued benefits to customers. However, these chains want to do away with stocks as soon as possible. Therefore, this provides added incentives for wholesale buying. Often, we are benumbed by available variety and end up buying clothes which we don’t really want. Sometimes we duplicate our previous purchases. By buying several clothes together, you can make sure that each garment you buy is unique. It also allows you to match shirts with trousers. People want to buy items for use and for showing it off to the world. This is true for our garment purchases as well. Don’t think that trendy clothing is not available at the wholesale level. For instance wholesale hip hop clothing is readily available at online wholesale clothing websites.

Xbox 360

Nobody needs an introduction to Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony the three major companies that have locked horns for the title of ‘best gaming console manufacturer’. Their hopes are riding high on their respective seventh generation home consoles the Wii, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3 (aka PS3).

Even though we have a three way fight here, comparing any two of these consoles head to head is a lot more convenient and, more importantly, simple enough for the end user to understand. With that in mind, we decided to compare the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360, and the results were more or less as expected.

Even though the new Xbox 360 Xbox 360 S noticeably smaller than its predecessor, it doesn’t come anywhere close to Nintendo Wii in terms of size. A whole lot of tweaks have made it quieter than its Nintendo counterpart, or even the original Xbox 360 for that matter. In a broad sense, the comparison between Wii and Xbox 360 mainly revolves around technical differences and performance.virtual reality glasses
The Xbox 360, on the other hand, is equipped with a 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri Core Xenon CPU and a 500 MHz custom built ATI Xenos GPU. With its superior GPU, the slim Xbox is no doubt better than the Wii when it comes to graphics comparison. Not everybody is interested in graphics though. Kinect garnered favorable reviews from all quarters. Unlike the Wii motion gaming system, wherein you have to hold the Wii Remote with MotionPlus in your hands, in Kinect, your whole body comes into play as a controller. That, however, is only if you are willing to pay the subscription charges of US$50 a year. Other than fitness games, the Wii has a whole lot of classics (including the Mario and Zelda series), and family games to offer. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, is for hardcore gaming fans, with titles like Halo, Gears of War, and Alan Wake to its credit. Wii games cost anywhere between US$10 20, while Xbox 360 games are a bit costlier (in the range of US$50 70).

The Price Factor

Price is yet another deciding factor in gaming consoles’ comparison, and this is one aspect where Nintendo’s Wii gets a slight edge. The standard Xbox 360 250 GB console is priced at US$299.99 and the Xbox 360 4 GB console is priced at US$199.99. Add Kinect, and their price tags change to US$399.99 and US$299.99 respectively. As opposed to this, the Wii costs as little as US$129.99 today; a lot less expensive than any Microsoft or Sony console. With this price difference, the Wii is undoubtedly a tempting deal, especially for those who don’t want to spend a huge sum on buying a game console.

why criminals love it so

In some countries they’re known as “Bin Ladens” the banknote everybody knows exists but few, other than criminals, ever see.

Eftychia Symeonidoy stood outside a London apartment, casually holding the box under her arm.

As the undercover team from HM Revenue and Customs secretly filmed her, an ordinary estate car pulled up and the box was handed to the driver. It was another consignment of laundered drugs cash safely delivered or so the gang thought.

Symeonidoy and the rest of the 13 strong laundering gang were all later convicted and jailed. The group smashed by HMRC investigators had taken of dirty money from their clients in the criminal underworld and returned “clean” euros.

Every month, they’d take in between and in cash massive bags of sterling notes. They had so much of it, they had to stack it on sofas and in cabinets, and stuff it in bags in cupboards. The jailing of that gang was a major breakthrough for investigators but it’s only the tip of the money laundering iceberg which revolves around fake bureau de change and the 500 Euro banknote.

After eight months of rigorous analysis of currency trading in the UK, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) has established that the 500 euro note is at the heart of money laundering. The reason is simple: it’s easier to shift.

At current exchange rates, the 500 euro note is worth about eight times more than the note which is the most common high value sterling denomination.fake bags

If a drugs gang collects up to in twenties from its clients on street corners, those notes will weigh more than 50kg about 50 bags of sugar. The equivalent in 500 euro banknotes weighs just over 2kg.

Converting it becomes a no brainer. So the launderers set up front businesses, buy in the 500 euro notes from the City and then make the new, clean and small consignments of notes disappear.

So how did the investigators know the British market in 500 euro notes was driven by drugs gangs rather than honest tourists or business travellers?

Ian Cruxton, deputy director of Soca and head of its proceeds of crime investigations, said they tracked the note’s movements and saw something odd.

One suspicious exchange bureau identified by law enforcement agencies was operating out of an office that didn’t even have a sign above the door.

It asked the note wholesalers (the major banks and well known international currency businesses) to supply it with four million euros worth of the bank notes in one year. Those orders were greater than the entire amount sold to travellers through the Post Office’s network of 12,500 counters.

‘The note of choice’

In other words, there were two markets: legitimate High Street businesses and something far murkier around the corner.

“There’s been a significant body of evidence over time that has recognised that high denomination notes are an important means of reducing the bulk of cash,” says Mr Cruxton. “The 500 euro note is really the note of choice among criminals.

“We estimate that more than 90% of the 500 euro notes that are provided in the UK have actually gone into the hands of serious organised criminals.”

Economists have long charted how large denomination notes facilitate money laundering.

The 500 euro note was born in 2002. But two years before that, the similarly high value Canadian $1,000 bill was shredded on advice from law enforcement agencies.

A decade on, the 500 euro bill has taken centre stage. An internal Bank of Italy report warned last year about the mafia’s use of the note, saying it was just adding to the national problems of tax evasion.

“It was quite clear from day one that once they decided they would have something as large as a 500 euro note that it would give the euro an economic advantage to the $100 bill. It would be used by the Mafia and in all sorts of organised underground crime,” he says.

Prof Portes is pleased at the note’s withdrawal from UK foreign exchanges, as it will “make life much more difficult for people who should find life difficult”.

But there’s no plan to withdraw the banknote itself because it plays a role in the economic culture of some countries.

In some nations, particularly Germany and Italy, people often prefer cash to plastic a demand that has risen since the credit crunch hit world markets. These nations wanted a high value note euro note when they gave up their own currencies.

There’s no doubt high denomination notes help low level domestic tax evasion, but that was not the responsibility of the European Central Bank.

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